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My main goal is your satisfaction! I have been in the appliance repair business my whole life and I have been a service technician for almost 10 years; I worked 8 years for a Whirlpool - Maytag authorized service.
- Affordable: I believe in fair prices.
- Reliable: Every repair has a 90 day warranty (parts and labor) I only use original factory parts.
- Fast service : Most of the repairs are completed on the same day.

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Keeping Your Home Running Smoothly with Greensboro Appliance Repair Service

Since large household appliances have become an integral part of a modern lifestyle, a Greensboro Appliance Repair Service has become very essential. It is virtually impossible to find a home without a refrigerator, and rare to find one without a small appliance. Washer and dryer sets are found in every home too, except, perhaps, small apartments. The fact that these appliances are so popular, a Greensboro Appliance Repair Service offers assistance with refrigerator repair, small appliance repair, washer repair and dryer repair.

You probably don’t even want to think about what would happen if your refrigerator suddenly decided to quit running. Similarly, imagine a scenario where your small appliance began to spark, or your washing machine got flooded. What would you do then? Luckily for you, you have access to a skilled Greensboro Appliance Repair Service. They specialize in refrigerator, washer/dryer, and small appliance repair. It will take a matter of minutes for a trained professional from a Greensboro Appliance Repair Service to set off for your home, once you make a call. They know that you can’t wait till tomorrow when you need a refrigerator repair right now. That’s why they're available to you round the clock.

Almost every household appliance experiences some form of malfunction at least once in its life time. The minor problems, like a blown light bulb, you can deal with yourself. However, sometimes minor problems provide a sign of an underlying problem that may just cause your appliance to break down. Your appliances can be inspected by a Greensboro Appliance Repair Service. The professional will update you about their current condition, and how much longer they are likely to function. Once you have this update, you can choose whether to replace any of your appliances or get the current ones repaired. Wherever you need replacements, the Greensboro Appliance Repair Service experts will recommend the best product, as well!

It is good to be able to differentiate the appliance malfunctions that you can deal with yourself and those that would need the assistance of a Greensboro Appliance Repair Service. Refer to this quick guide relating to some of the most commonly seen problems with washing machines, driers, small appliances, and refrigerators. Based on this, you should be able to tell when you need small appliance, refrigerator, or washer repair.

Greensboro Appliance Repair Service: Solving Common Washer Problems

Usually, there are only two kinds of trouble that a washing machine could face during its lifetime - mechanical failure and bacterial growth. Your Greensboro Appliance Repair Service is well aware of the fact that washers can do a lot of damage when they're in need of repair. Flooded basements, soaked hallways, and ruined laundry rooms are some of the problems that you could face, if you have a washer with serious problems. The Greensboro Appliance Repair Service professionals are trained and skilled in washer repair, and will ensure that your home laundry system continues to function soundly.

These days, virtually everyone has a working knowledge of washing machines. Once you have put your dirty clothes into the washer, all you need to do is shut the lid and turn it on - it's as simple as that. However, what this simplicity conceals is a complicated network of switches, belts, and timers. Each of these is indispensable for the continued performance of your washer. There is nothing about washing machines that the professionals at your Greensboro Appliance Repair Service don’t know. They can identify problems in models dating back to the beginning of the washing machine era.

As you would expect, older washers tend to malfunction more than new ones. The motor, agitator, and timers of these complicated machines, all have to face the brunt of years of wear and tear. The Greensboro Appliance Repair Service will not only ask detailed questions about your current problem, but also about any problems your washer may have had in the past. Timer failure can cause a washer to stop working, or it may lead to problems with the functions of filling and rinsing. A washer may be rendered useless because of malfunctioning or burned-out switches However, an experienced Greensboro Appliance Repair Service can quickly take care of these problems, as part of its washer repair service.

Likewise, a simplistic cure may lead your malfunctioning dryer to exhibit strange symptoms. The Greensboro Appliance Repair Service technician always begins by applying the simplest solution. This could mean anything from putting you through to an electrician, if there is a power supply problem, to replacing a blown light bulb inside th Even though dryer repair can be a bit more complex than washer repair, many of their features are similar. The major difference is that washers are built to handle water, and driers to handle heat. The top complaint about dryers that the Greensboro Appliance Repair Service has to deal with is a lack of heat, or, in other words, dryers taking a long time to dry loads of laundry. The good part is that this problem has only a small handful of causes. So, it's very easy and cheap to fix. Dryer repair is probably not as difficult as you may have thought it to be.

Greensboro Appliance Repair Service: Moving into Your Kitchen

A refrigerator is one of the most complicated machines in your home. The refrigerator needs to be a high-performance machine, since it has to preserve as well as freeze food. In most homes, a majority of the food is stored in the refrigerator, so a breakdown is a justifiable cause for alarm. Your Greensboro Appliance Repair Service is extremely knowledgeable and reliable in their assistance and guidance. This makes them the best equipped to deal with refrigerator repair.

However, like other household appliances, what you may perceive as an impossible problem, may actually be simple to fix for an experienced Greensboro Appliance Repair Service expert. For instance, you may think you have a broken freezer, but it may just be a regular problem resulting from opening the door too often, or putting a lot of hot food inside the freezer at one time. Refrigerator "sweat" is a common problem that a lot of people face, but it can be cured easily with the re-application of a door seal. The Greensboro Appliance Repair Service can help you keep your fridge working at its best.

The maintenance and repair of small appliance ovens is another service that a Greensboro Appliance Repair Service offers. Unlike other more complex appliances, there is very little middle ground with small appliances. They either work or they don’t You may not be aware of the fact that a small appliance oven cooks food using a small amount of radiation. If this were to get into the bloodstream of a small baby or a pet, it could potentially lead to illness. Your Greensboro Appliance Repair Service will deal with your small appliance repair requirements so that your oven doesn’t endanger anyone.

If you have home appliances, make sure that the number of a qualified Greensboro Appliance Repair Service is on your important numbers list.

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The best repair service I have ever received. Very Friendly, knowledgeable, top notch. I will definitely hire again. You do not get service like this from many companies these days. If you have any type of appliance repair needs definitely call this company.
Howard K. (High Point, NC)
Luis called to let me know he was running a little behind and when he would be there. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Fixed cold water valve on washer, but also noticed the agitator was not working properly. Internal gear was stripped. Went to get replacement part, came back , repaired and only charged me for the part. Called back several days later to make sure everything still okay. Would highly recommend Luis for future repairs.
Rod M. (Greensboro, NC)
Luis was amazing to deal with. He checked everything he could before he replaced the drain pump on my washer. He was very professional and his fee was extremely reasonable. I am definitely keeping his number on speed dial for emergencies and I have recommended him to my friends. A pleasure to work with.
Ramona W. (Greensboro, NC)